Mark Argent
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Forthcoming events

Events, papers and workshops in the coming months include:

9 March 2019
Quiet Day for Spiritual Directors in Ely Diocese

God and creation in the ordinary:
an invitation to notice

This quiet day offers time in silence, coming together as a group, and in conversation over lunch, to explore God in the ordinary — in ourselves, and in journeying with others — with the invitation to explore in creativity.

15–17 March 2019
International Society for Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations, European Regional Meeting
Chateau de Bossey, Geneva, Switzerland

Between neutrality and engagement

This European Regional Meeting takes place in Switzerland, a country with a long history of neutrality, which is home to a range of international bodies. This event draws in particular on two of these, the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross, both of which need to operate from a position of neutrality, in order to engage in a way that fulfills their mandates.

How does the balancing of neutrality and engagement work for people in these organisations? How do these concepts play out in our lives as individuals, and in our professional lives?

My own role in this is as a member of the organising group, with colleagues from the Mind Alliance. I am delivering an experiential workshop which will be a space for participants to explore where the theme of the event is impacting them personally. I’ll be arriving with a suitcase full of fabric to use as part of a creative process. This isn’t the same as social dreaming, but is another way to engage what is happening in individual and shared unconscious processes.

Other things under discussion include:

  • A one-day event on creativity and spirituality;
  • Working conferences, stradling the space between spiritual direction and group relations conferences and exploring reactions to books, and as part of a discernment process exploring future directions in religious organisations;
  • A group exploration of scripture as living myth/story;
  • A group-guided retreat;
  • Individually-guided retreats, exploring retreat as an experience of hospitality.